Here is yet another new blog that is dedicated to the fantastic show we all know and love as Numb3rs. Here you will find mostly screencaps of random moments in the show that I feel like capturing. And anything else that is Numb3rs related that I see and like and feel like sharing.

15th May 2012

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Happy Birthday David Krumholtz
(May 15th)


Happy Birthday David Krumholtz

(May 15th)

4th May 2012

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@NickFalacci: When two hot actors get on set, anything can happen. #hiddennumb3rs

@NickFalacci: Fans have been asking about the super hot Dylan Bruno / @LouDPhillips pic. What was going on? All I can say is … we all wanted to kiss Dylan. Lou just got there first. #hiddennumb3rs

@LouDPhillips: @NickFalacci Like any responsible guest star, I am simply. lovingly, checking for spinach between his dazzling teeth.

Lou Diamond Phillips (Ian Edgerton) and Dylan Bruno (Colby Granger) (NUMB3RS 3x19 Pandora’s Box)

Because I need to reblog this… AGAIN! :D

I think this needs to always be on people’s dashboards always.


3rd May 2012

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Is anyone in the mood for some Don smiles?

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22nd April 2012

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I love so many things about this moment from 5x21 “Disturbed”. Why does it have to be so dark and therefore impossible to get could caps of it?

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20th April 2012

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Duck Season, Rabbit Season…

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19th April 2012

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Special treat! Here are some rare screepcaps from a deleted scene from the season 5 episode, “Thirty-Six Hours”. For those of you who don’t own the DVDs and have not seen this scene, basically Don tells Charlie about his meeting with Carl McGowan from “Blowback”. Charlie, of course, is upset about his brother’s decision to sacrifice his career for Charlie’s benefit. Oh yeah, and Amita is there too, but she sleeps through the whole conversation. Enjoy! 

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18th April 2012

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Well, I’m a terrible horrible blog-runner and I should probably be fired for abandoning this for quite some time.

Oh well. Here are some season 4 caps.

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21st March 2012



I’m sorry I’ve been MIA with screencaps the last few days. My internet connection has been terrible lately and uploading photosets onto Tumblr has been a nightmare. Hopefully I will have this problem resolved soon!

21st March 2012

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Colby Granger (Dylan Bruno) and David Sinclair (Alimi Ballard) (NUMB3RS 2x06 Soft Target)

21st March 2012

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Charlie: Actually, you know what? I’ve written it out.
David: Oh, sure, that helps.

David Sinclair (Alimi Ballard) and Charlie Eppes (David Krumholtz) (NUMB3RS 1x03 Vector)